Private Collections



Mr. David Dollar – World Bank Ottawa CA

Mr. Glen Orvis QC - Vancouver, CA

Ms. Anita Le Sage - Manitoba, CA

Ms. Audrey Freiburg - Los Angeles, USA

Mrs. Donna Martin - Seattle - USA

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Hersh - Pleasanton - USA

Ms V. Glaser - Wintrange, Luxembourg

Mr. Alexander Leverenze - NY, USA

Mr. Mark Klopp - NY, USA

Ms. T. Evancovich - Manitoba, CA

Fam. Shapiro - Toronto, CA

Fam. Martinelli - Peekskill NY, USA

Mr. Constant Roelof - Melbourne,


Lesley Dawyduk – Owner Pulse Gallery

Steven Sluis and Family - Canada

Justin Rempel and Family - Canada

Michael Collingwood – Owner Level Hair Annie Jekova – Boston, USA

Paul & Sylvian Pambrun – Loch Gallery

Diane Sparrow – Owner Inn at The Forks - Canada

Laura Pelouso - Canada

Ms. Lorelei Morrison - Canada

Mr. P. Grogan - Canada

Phil. Zubrycki Esq. - Canada

Mr.& Mrs. Unger – Owners of Prairie Seed

Dr. Hawthorne - Canada

Dr. William Evans - U.S.A.

Mr & Mrs Olafson - Canada

Dr. & Mrs. Jory Stillwater - Canada

Ronald D. Bell QC

Mme. Janine Brisson - Canada

Mr. & Mrs. Jacek Switala - Canada

Dr. Zdislaw Tohl - Poland

Dr. Stephane Renfrit

Dr. Olga Toleva

M&Mme Guy et Eileen Le Gras

Ms. Beverly Grimes - Georgia, USA

Ms. Virginia Manch - London, England

Scott & Judy Dooley - Michigan, USA

Monseigneur Michael Boyachuk

Hon. Ron Schuler - Progressive Conservative Party

Dr. Jon Gerrard - Liberal Party

Marianne Mahychuck - National Democrat Party