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Experience Buying, Selling, Investing, and Collecting

Grollé Fine Art at Howe Harrell and Associates

Artwork that spans a collection of disciplines and cultures;

inspire the synergy and style that makes Grollé Fine Art what it is today.

The works of art we exhibit are chosen not only to look aesthetically good, but to provide value for our clients; and will appreciate it over time”, says Ludolf Grollé, President and Founding Partner of Grollé Fine Art. “We achieve our strategy by ensuring the artwork satisfies our criteria, which in turn simplifies the buyer's decision making process.

Ludolf, an artist himself, started out life as an international banker, but left his comfortable lifestyle to pursue his

passion for art and to support other artists in the community. “I don’t want to follow the market, but lead it!” 

I have my own model and like to help other artists by recognizing their vision and who they are as an artist.

Ludolf provides clients with a holistic picture of the artists embraced by his team through understanding and capturing their perspectives, philosophies and inspirations that influence their works of art.

Grollé is committed to delivering a positive client experience – for buyers and artists alike. “We are

open to customizing our product and service offerings to meet specific requirements,” says Ludolf. “We understand the importance of good work to ensure that we seamlessly place the art from the artist to the buyer.” 

Now located at the Howe Harrell & Associates building in one of the finest areas of the city.

I love the bustle of the restaurants and high end boutique shoppers, it drives me to become more of a destination. As well as fast becoming the new hub of private wealth, finance, insurance and several art galleries; and given all the wonderful development plans and the city’s enhanced cultural agenda – I am reassured of all the possibilities for this part of the city and overjoyed that I have again made a wise decision to choose this as the new location for my gallery; and the beginning of a new journey.


Additional Services

Our Focus and our concepts.

We welcome submissions from artists anywhere in the world.

Grollé Fine Art specialises in promoting and developing 20th and 21st century art and artists, universally. 

Grollé Fine Art specialises in promoting and developing 20th and 21st century art and artists, universally. 

We love to collaborate with local, national and international artists, corporations, executives, museums, curators, writers, critics and institutions.  Our vision is to develop a synergy between genres, and cultures to inspire a fusion of styles for new masterpieces.  

The gallery also consults with clients on appraisals or to assist them with the development of their fine art collections.   

We welcome all inquiries from collectors who may wish to sell or consign works of art or estates.

We welcome submissions from artists anywhere in the world.  

We also provide the very finest framing services. 

To make an appointment, and for any further information please send us a message on our contact page.

Art Dealer

Business Partnerships

We are constantly and actively looking for new business partners to enhance our product services offering, set forth below. We will only consider "best of breed" partnerships with those who value a bona-fide "return on relationship". We focus on value, and assess on performance, delivery, consistency, and the ability to provide knowledgeable and presentable resources.

Commissioning Art ~ We are currently looking for the very best artists.

    •    We can manage the process of commissioning bespoke and integrated artwork for your internal and external spaces.

    •    We have  experience in managing  value commissions and have the full set of technical, commercial and project management skills to help deliver your commission successfully.

Framing ~ We are currently NOT looking for anymore partners in North America.  We are looking in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Lighting & Installation ~ Proposals from this industry are welcome.

    •    On your behalf, we will partner with a range of experienced lighting designers to display your artwork at its best.

    •    We will only utilise installation teams that are experienced, reliable, cost-effective and can provide all required methods statements and insurances to work on diverse, custom and complex projects.

Marketing & Communications ~ Proposals from this industry are welcome.

    •    We provide promotional material, business collateral and more for our artists, as well as requiring a level of expertise to further enhance our resources and skill set.

Project Management ~ Our in-house Project Experts are currently seeking PM support resources.

    •    We have  experience of working seamlessly with clients, architects, interior designers and builders to deliver our art projects on time and on budget.

    •    Our consultants and partners are experienced in the use of project management techniques including detailed resource scheduling and risk assessment.

Shipping & Insurance ~ We are currently looking for the very best supply chain and distributive solutions.

    •    We have experienced resources available for shipping art worldwide to and from the most remote destinations; taking care of insurance, customs clearance, duty payments and interim storage as required.

Walking In Gallery

Client Services

Private Clients

We help our private clients build, manage and realise their art collections, and work closely with other art galleries all over the world.

Initially focused on the Directors and senior personnel of our corporate clients, in recent years we have extended our services to a wide range of individuals and family offices who appreciate our strategic approach, art expertise, industry connections and absolute discretion.

Building your Collection

Art Strategy

    •    We ensure we fully understand your artistic preferences and take into account any artwork you own already as well as the opportunities and constraints of your physical space, interiors scheme and financial budget.

    •    We work with you to produce a clear actionable art strategy that meets your artistic and investment objectives.

Art Selection

    •    Having agreed an overall Art Strategy we will work with you to select the most appropriate artwork based on suitability and cost.

    •    We have a sound knowledge of contemporary artists as well as long established relationships with  galleries, art fairs and auction houses worldwide.

    •    We can accompany you on visits to studios, galleries and art fairs or hang our own gallery for you to inspect and select your art in private.

Commissioning Art

    •    We can manage the process of commissioning bespoke and integrated artwork for your internal and external spaces.

    •    We have  experience in managing  value commissions and have the full set of technical, commercial and project management skills to help deliver your commission successfully.

Paintings In Gallery

Rental & Sales

Fine Art comes at a price which we work hard at to make affordable and manageable to everyone. Choose from a curated selection of the best artwork from the top  independent artists we know. With works from over forty of the world's top emerging artists and more than fifty independent artists there is something for all our clients.

Our staff and volunteers will guide you with a free consultation to ensure the artwork that you select suits your space and your style. With prices as low as $25* per month, art is now more attainable than ever.

*Based on a minimum 3-month trial period at 5% of the artwork’s purchase price.  Rental fees will be credited toward total purchase price.

Sales & Rental Rates for Yourself & Your Business.

Our standard rental rate is for a minimum of 3 months,  maximum of 6, at 5% of the artwork’s purchase price, per month.

 Should you decide to purchase a work at the end of your rental contract, 3 months rental will be credited from your balance.

For Selling Your Home.

Should you wish to set your home apart from comparables on the market, you have the option of renting artwork for one month at 10% of the purchase price of the artwork.

For Your Film/TV Production

Set decorators are welcome at Grollé Fine Art's Art Rental & Sales.

You may rent original artwork for your movie, television, or commercial set for 15% of the purchase price of the work per week.

All works have clearance for production, and are available to view online.

Purchase Terms

Anyone can purchase art from our gallery Art Sales & Rentals. If you purchase after renting an artwork for 3 months, 3 months of rental will be credited to the balance of your invoice. Your purchase supports the gallery and it's artists and our further  acquisition, projects and programs.

Grollé Fine Art  gift cards are available and accepted in any denomination.  Art makes a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, retirement or wedding.

Exhibition Space

Additional Services



If you need assistance getting artwork from the Gallery to your wall,  Grollé Fine Art can arrange for qualified art movers/installers to deliver and hang the work in your space.

Corporate Art Consulting

Our highly qualified team of Corporate Selectors will gladly visit your office to help you select the appropriate art for your work environment.

Art Consignment / Sale & ReSale

We will gladly discuss and review any assistance we might be able to offer with regard to your collection or portfolio by way of Consignment.

Art Seminars for Artists : Marketing your art, Investing in Yourself, The Disciplined Artist, Building your Portfolio, Building your Resumé, Approaching Galleries, Exhibiting, The Price of Passion, and many more including custom sessions.

Art Seminars for Collectors: Art History, The History of Art, Art Appreciation, Art Critique, Buying Art, Investing in Art, and many more including custom sessions.

We also provide one on one or group sessions to help artists and aspiring artist develop their creativity.